Sterling Silver Geometric Design Necklace Set
  • Sterling Silver Geometric Design Necklace Set


    This textured heart is app 24 mm x 24 mm suspended on a 53 cm Sterling silver chain.

    A Sterling silver Heart design made from thick silver wire and swirls of thinner silver wire in its centre 45 mm x 39 mm, fully Hallmarked, suspended on a Sterling silver snake chain 50 cm.

    This Sculptural Sterling silver necklace on a 925 sterling silver link chain. a total length of 58 cm. Adjustable to 55.5 cm / 53 cm / 50.5 cm.
    The curved Sterling silver geometric design is 6 cm with drop bar fully hallmarked on the end of the adjustable chain.
    The geometric design stud earrings are 13 mm long and 6 mm wide and compliment this delicate necklace.
    Can be worn as a stunning eye catcher at a prom, wedding, graduation and equally stunning with jeans.